Candidate Services

Building a relationship

The endeavor at CA is to move away from the ‘place and forget’ syndrome. Our association with you does not end with a placement – it begins! We are charged with a mission to discover the best-fit solution for you. We are as concerned as you are in matters of finding the right mix of working environment, scope for skills and growth opportunities for suitable candidates. These are carefully estimated and factored in when we match-make candidates to our corporate clients.

This ability to go beyond placements has helped CA keep in constant touch with candidates as well as companies.

One to One discussion

We insist on meeting our candidates to understand them better. A face to face meeting helps us to fill in the blanks that invariably remain in one’s curriculum vitae. It helps us to share your aspiration levels, skill sets and personality traits using ways and means that are part of our ‘candidate discovery module’. Indeed, it is the most important step in our endeavor to seek the right assignments for you.

The end result: Enormous saving in your time and effort in attending interviews with organizations that does not fit into your expectations.

At no cost

Career Stars is retained by its clients to meet their requirements. We do not levy any charge on candidates. We expect you to visit us with a detailed hard copy of your resume only. We offer our consultation for free & our suggestions are unbiased & with practical market knowledge & experience.

We connect, trying to meet most of your expectations

Your resume stays confidential and we do not share it with anybody only our clients. When a requirement comes in, we first match the job profile with our list of candidates and short list suitable names. At no point of time do we discuss any candidature with our clients without first getting the approval of candidates. If required, we even invite you for a special briefing with us before we introduce you to the client. We only believe in sending your resume to our clients post your confirmation strictly.

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